The Climate Change

Talking about climate change is a complicated and interesting. Everyone have their opinion about this. Some people think the change is false, and others accuse the Humanity for destroying the planet. But, only one thing is true: the weather is changing. We have more natural disasters each year. In the world are repeating floods, tsunamis, earthquakes … Simultaneously there are great droughts and the poles are melting.

We can see this change in the History: the Ice Age and the progressive warm-up of planet. But now this change is very quickly. You can see how Africa is divided into two lands. If you compare one year with the previous age is incredible as the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia), and all of East Africa, are separating by the widening of the lakes.

But, Can we make something? I remember a conference where an important scientific said: The man is so egocentric that he thinks that he can change the World. I think we should not do anything else, because every time we tried to change we have gotten worse. Somebody lost always. Now, the scientist and politicians say is that they have found a solution of the pollution: biodiesel. But they don’t say us that we need deforest the Amazon, change the finality of our crops -now, they use the crops for biodiesel. Before, it was for food-. Or kill the indigenous population: their culture, their land, their lives are cut short. And we can see this now. So, I think only we can do one thing: we must care the nature, but we can’t forget that environment without men is half. And we need all.

I must write in English, because I’ am afraid I won’t pass the exam from the Official Language School. I write very badly in English so I’m practicing here. I apologize for my grammar mistakes. And I’m sorry about writing in English, but it’s my blog and I have to do it if I want to pass. Please, tell me if you think that I made a mistake, because I need it!

Publicado por Javi Fornell

Historiador y novelista. Amante de las letras y de los libros. Guía turístico en la provincia de Cádiz y editor en Kaizen Editores

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