The little girl (II)

The light of the sun crossed the window the window and it made shadows in the wall. The girl smiled when she thought about today. In the bed, under the covers, she was waiting her father. He promised that they’ll go to her house cousins. She loves go there, because they have a lake behind the cottage and she could swim today.
-Hi, sweety -Bob, her father, said- How are you this morning? Come on! You take a shower while I’m cooking the breakfast. Do you want eggs?
Yes, daddy! -she said. And she got up and ran to the bathroom.
She didn’t listen to the noise that arrived from the kitchen. She walked down the hallway and sang a infantile song about a little dog. She was barefoot although she knew that her father didn’t want it. And she felt the hot in her feet and she watched down. She couldn’t scream. She tried, but she couldn’t. Her father was on the floor. The blood stained his clothes, his face, his hair. His eyes were open, watching the door, behind the little girl. She was afraid. The cold up her back, and the tears fought to get out.
-Daddy? –she ansked –Daddy!, open de eyes! Are you good? daddy, please, please.
She cried, alone in the kitchen, close her dead father. She didn’t move in all day. Only cried and she didn’t see to man sitting in the stairs. He smiled, waiting his moment. The moment when he’ll kill the little girl, but something changed that day, and the man of the stair got up and he went.

I must write in English, because I’ am afraid I won’t pass the exam from the Official Language School. I write very badly in English so I’m practicing here. I apologize for my grammar mistakes. And I’m sorry about writing in English, but it’s my blog and I have to do it if I want to pass. Please, tell me if you think that I made a mistake, because I need it!

Publicado por Javi Fornell

Historiador y novelista. Amante de las letras y de los libros. Guía turístico en la provincia de Cádiz y editor en Kaizen Editores

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