The Pirate House.

I must write in English, because I’ am afraid I won’t pass the exam from the Official Language School. I write very badly in English so I’m practicing here. I apologize for my grammar mistakes. And I’m sorry about writing in English, but it’s my blog and I have to do it if I want to pass. Please, tell me if you think that I made a mistake, because I need it! 
The people of Cádiz says that Cádiz is him better place of the world. A lot of them never went out of the city but I traveled for Europe and India and I can say that Cádiz is a beautiful place. We have a lot of archaeological remains and you can walk for a History. Cádiz was born Phoenician; it was a Roman girl, and it was grow with America. Now Cádiz is an old woman. And her wrinkles are her wealth: The Roman Theatre, The Bishop’s House, the two Cathedrals and a lot of palace-house. I love one palace-house: the Pirate House.
America and Cádiz are joined by the Atlantic, so much which it has turned into source of legends. Stories from pirates, marines and shipwrecks. Legends of treasures and riches brought from across the world. Stories of love and hate. And the legend of the Pirate House was one.
The story of a sailor that was shipwrecked near of America. He lied and stole to pirates and he achieved a big treasure. While, in Cádiz, his wife expected he came back. She went to port every day, but his ship never arrived. The people said that he was dead, but she knew that he was alive because his heart could not say a lie. Finally he arrived to Cádiz and she said him that never more he leaves to her. But he was sad because he wanted go to sea. So she builds a house that seemed a ship.

Publicado por Javi Fornell

Historiador y novelista. Amante de las letras y de los libros. Guía turístico en la provincia de Cádiz y editor en Kaizen Editores

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